Don’t Replace…Refurbish. It’s Economical and Environmentally Friendly!

Re-strapping Your Existing Furniture

Over time, vinyl strap can become dry-rotted, porous, and brittle. They can also become discolored by a combination of factors including; the sun, the elements, various body oils, and suntan lotions. Cleaning old and porous strap can eventually become impossible.

Sun & Beach Patio can give your existing furniture a new life by re-strapping it in your choice of over 50 colors of vinyl strapping. Our vinyl, extruded for outdoor use, is commercial quality 100% virgin vinyl strap with ultra violet inhibitors manufactured into the product. Many attachments are available. The Grommets, E-clips, S-clips and C-clips may need to be installed on the strap by us.

We are happy to provide you with a free estimate, just email at with pictures of your furniture from the front and pictures of the support structure from the back. We will prepare a quote for you typically the same day.

If we feel your furniture needs additional repairs or cannot be repaired, we will provide you with a full quote and or offer you replacement furniture options.

You can click here to see the available strap colors.

Instead of throwing away your old strap furniture, utilize a truly “Green” strategy and refurbish your furniture with Sun & Beach Patio Furniture.