When it comes to Patio Furniture Refinishing, we are the best in the business! We meticulously inspect, repair and refinish your old patio furniture to bring it back to life! Here is a summary of our refinishing process:

  • We first take measurements of the furniture and all measurements are recorded.
  • We make a primary evaluation of the needed materials.
  • The furniture is then stripped of all vinyl straps or sling fabric.
  • We carefully inspect the furniture and make sure that every weld is structurally sound. Any welds that don’t pass our inspection are re-welded.
  • The furniture is then sand blasted and cleaned.
  • We then inspect the furniture again and replace any hardware that needs replacing.
  • The furniture is powder coated then baked in an oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes.
  • The furniture is re-inspected and the vinyl straps or sling fabric is installed.
  • The furniture then goes through final inspection. Once it passes final inspection, the frames are covered with temporary, heavy duty paper to protect the finish.
  • Finally the furniture is delivered back to the customer looking brand new!

Re-slinging Your Existing Furniture

Sun & Beach Patio makes custom made replacement slings for your specific furniture, from the highest quality outdoor furniture fabric. We offer the largest selection of quality durable sling fabrics to let you match what you currently have or to give a brand new look to your existing furniture. Even if your old slings are still in “good condition”, you can achieve a brand new look for your outdoor sling furniture sets. If your frames are still structurally sound but need to be refinished we can do that in conjunction with new slings… a truly green alternative to discarding your old furniture for about half the cost of and buying new furniture.

Sling may also be called “mesh”, “webbing”, or “cloth”.

Re-strapping Your Existing Furniture

Over time, vinyl strap can become dry-rotted, porous, and brittle. They can also become discolored by a combination of time, the elements, various body oils, and suntan lotions. Cleaning old and porous strap becomes impossible.

Sun & Beach Patio can re-strap your existing furniture in over 50 colors of vinyl strapping. Our vinyl, extruded for outdoor use, is commercial quality 100% virgin vinyl strap with ultra violet inhibitors manufactured into the product. Many attachments are available. The Grommets, E-clips, S-clips and C-clips may need to be installed on the strap by us.

Instead of throwing away your old strap furniture, utilize a truly “Green” strategy and refurbish your furniture with Sun & Beach Patio Furniture.