Sling Fabrics

Not all colors shown may be available; please contact us to check on current availability.

Actual color may vary slightly from color present on website.

Additional color options are available for quantity purchases, please contact us for more information.

FP-078 Sisal Aluminium

FT-126 Addison Fabric

F2-232 Adobe 2x2

FX-432 Adobe

FP-011 Aluminum Cane Wicker

FM-301 Aluminum Metallic

FP-002 Amber

FT-137 Amelia

FS-048 Aquafino

FT-112 Atlantic Drift

FS-018 Autumn Fern

FP-012 Balsa

FP-028 Bellingrath

FS-019 Birch Forest

BJ3-3016029 Raffia Natural

F8-221 Black

FX-421 Black SlingWeave

FT-123 Blue Bronze

FM-302 Brass

FT-134 Brown Bamboo

FS-029 Burlap

FX-422 Buttercup Sling Weave

FT-102 Cafe Latte

F2-206 Camel 2x2

FP-061 Pacific Cane Weave

FX-429 Cappuccino Sling Weave

FX-450 Charcoal Sling Weave

FT-111 Chesterfield

FP-034 China Brush

FT-119 Chinchilla

FP-059 Cleoharbor

FP-067 Natural Grasscloth

FP-020 Coral Topaz

FX-462 Crimson Sling Weave

FS-015 Dark Blue

FX-460 Dark Blue Sling Weave

FT-140 Dense Titanium

FP-001 Desert

FP-052 Double Dipper

FS-219 Dove Grey

FS-010 Dupioni Kiwi

FS-007 Dupioni Poolside

FS-021 Dupioni Sapphire

FT-109 Durango

FP-041 Reflection Sea

FP-058 Echo Opal

FS-016 Elizabeth

FT-127 Fancy Filigree

FJ-006 Ferndance

FP-033 Forest Abbey

FS-005 Forest Cafe

FS-251 Forest Green

FP-032 Forest Pebble

FT-110 Fresco

FT-115 Graphite

FP-065 Grasscloth Bronze

FP-003 Grass Fabric

FT-133 Green Bamboo

F8-219 Grey Fabric

FX-419 Grey SlingWeave

FS-027 Honey

FT-131 Huffman

FT-139 Indention

FX-427 Jade SlingWeave

FP-031 Kamali

FX-465 Key Lime SlingWeave

FT-101 Laguna

FS-073 Tweed Indigo

F8-231 Leisure Brown

FP-063 Braque Rain

FP-062 Terrace Malachile

FP-064 Madras Tweed Surf

FS-074 Metallica Lagoon

FP-068 Solido Mirage

FS-014 Linen

FT-121 Matinique

FS-017 Mayan Teal

FS-026 Meridian

FS-049 Metallica Platinum

FS-057 Metallica Salsa

FS-030 Metallica White

FP-038 Mingle Pecan

FT-130 Montego

FP-010 Montera

FT-118 Mozambique

FP-017 Natural

FT-132 Natural Textile

F8-217 Navy

FP-013 Nottingham

F2-224 Offwhite 2x2

FT-136 Olive Tea Leaf

FX-463 Periwinkle SlingWeave

FX-466 Pimento SlingWeave

FP-019 Plata

FS-020 Porcelain

FP-057 Pria Tweed Indigo

F8-237 Putty

FW-237 Putty Fabric

FS-051 Raleigh Stripe

FS-225 Sunsure Red

FS-216 Royal Blue

FP-025 Terrace Sienna

FT-129 Textile Raw Linen

FM-310 Titanium

FT-138 Tropical

FP-008 Tropic

FP-016 Turquesa

F2-214 Turquoise 2x2

FX-414 Turquoise SlingWeave

FP-066 Valencia Blue

FP-018 Verde

FP-024 Veranda Nutmeg

FP-053 Watercolor Tweed Glow

FP-054 Watercolor Tweed Pearl

F8-201 White

F2-201 White 2x2

FP-015 White Jungle

FS-201 Sunsure White

FX-401 White SlingWeave

FW-201 White Wicker

FS-028 Winter Wheat

FS-072 Black

FP-079 Shelburne Taupe

FS-070 Tempo Stone

FS-203 Sunsure Yellow

Z44-3004443 Wild Orchid Black

FP-069 Solido Luxe