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Regular periodic care of your Patio furniture will maintain its appearance and functionality better than occasional, heavy duty maintenance. Consider the specific conditions and usage to which your product is exposed so appropriate maintenance is provided. Product failure caused by a lack of reasonable and necessary care and maintenance is not covered by the product warranty. For all cleaning applications, we suggest using Casual Clean which is a specially formulated product
designed for the products we make and sell.

Painted Finishes are used on aluminum products. Periodically clean the finish with a sponge or soft bristle brush using the Casual Clean solution diluted per the instructions in lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid using abrasive cleaners. For gloss finishes, we recommend periodic waxing of the frame with a high grade automotive liquid wax or the use of a commercially available protectant to help maintain and/or restore the luster of the finish. Protectants can be purchased at most casual furniture retailers. Caution: In seaside use, salt can accumulate on the finish, leading to finish failure. In indoor pool areas, chlorides can accumulate on the finish, leading to finish failure. In both environments, repeated cycles of condensation followed by evaporation cause build-up of these aggressive corrosives. Regular cleaning with mild biodegradable liquid soap and water will remove the concentrated deposits and protect the furniture finish per the above instructions.

Cleaning Cast Aluminum Furniture: With simple, regular maintenance and care, cast aluminum patio furniture will provide years of enjoyment. Occasional cleaning with mild soap and water, followed by rinsing and a thorough drying with a towel is typically all that is required. Do not use any abrasive materials, cleansers or bleach products as these may damage the finish. You should avoid allowing dirt to build up on the metal frames, as this may cause it to become more difficult to remove
over time.

If you notice calcium build-up on your cast aluminum furniture, you can try using a solution of 1 part white distilled vinegar and 9 part water to help remove it. Before you apply your solution, you should always test the solution on an inconspicuous area of the frame before applying to ensure it doesn’t discolor the finish. If your cast aluminum furniture has a shiny or glossy, non-textured finish, you may also use a fine automotive wax to maintain it. This will help in reducing the amount of dirt and debris that accumulates on the frame finish. On furniture textured surfaces or finishes, you can periodically apply mineral oil or baby oil to prevent dirt build-up and restore the luster.

Preventative Maintenance For Cast Aluminum Furniture: Periodically, you should inspect your cast aluminum furniture for any scratches or chips in the finish. If you should find any areas where the bare metal is exposed, you should contact your furniture manufacturer or retailer for information about how to repair it. Depending on the size of the area, you may be able to use touch-up paint to correct the problem. Touch-up paint in matching frame colors is typically available through your retail dealer or furniture manufacturer. Additionally, you should prevent water from accumulating in frame by removing the adjuster glides or foot caps from the bottom of the legs. Allowing water to collect inside cast aluminum furniture that is exposed to freezing temperatures can cause damage to to the frame that is typically not covered under a manufacturer’s warranty. To keep your cast aluminum furniture looking its best, you may wish to store or cover your furniture when not in use for an extended period of time.

Vinyl Strap, Sling Fabric, and Cushions: Vinyl Strap, Textaline Fabric (Slings), and solution-dyed acrylics require regular maintenance to maintain the best appearance possible for the
longest time. Certain suntan and sun block products contain “PABA”. PABA is harmful to fabric and can permanently discolor it; therefore, contact with cushions or slings should be avoided. If contact is made, cleaning the fabric immediately with a diluted Casual Clean and water solution followed by a fresh water rinse may minimize the possibility of discoloration. Laying a beach towel over the cushions or slings of outdoor furniture whenever you are using the furniture will prolong the material’s life. Do not use a bleach solution unless specifically listed as a cleaning agent for the specific fabric, such as for solution dyed acrylics. Once materials become spotted or stained, there is little that can be done to remove it. Many commercial pool areas have signs that require people to put down towels before sitting or lying on the furniture.

Caution: Do not submerse or allow cushions to lie in standing water. Do not put cushions into the dryer. Do not put cushions into the dryer. Do not use harsh detergents or stiff bristle brushes. Do not use Pine Oil cleaners or abrasive household cleaners. Do not use heat or hot water. Mildew may form on dirt or other substances deposited upon the fabric. Regular cleaning of the furniture will help to prevent its forming. Apply mild biodegradable liquid soap to the affected area and allow to soak in. Scrub with a soft bristle brush, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. For stubborn mildew stains, use a household mildew remover – test in an inconspicuous location first. FOLLOW THE MANUFACTURER’S INSTRUCTIONS.

Tabletops; Acrylic, Fiberglass, Aluminum, and Eco-wood: Avoid build-up of grease and stains by washing regularly with a cleaning solution with 1/4 cup of Casual Clean in a gallon of lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Hint: Occasional use of a high grade automotive liquid wax
will help keep the acrylic and aluminum tops looking new. A fiberglass boat wax used bi-annually will extend the life of fiberglass tabletops. Do not use window cleaners or products containing ammonia or solvents on acrylic tops. Do not use plastic covers over acrylic table tops. The resulting heat accumulation may cause the acrylic to bow.

Umbrellas: Frankford and TUUCI frames are constructed from durable, marine-grade, weather resistant materials including; fiberglass, armor-wall aluminum, Dura-TEAK composites, Aluma-TEAK aluminum and sustainable hardwood. All fasteners (nuts, bolts, pulleys, cam cleats, etc.) are marinegrade stainless steel and will withstand the most corrosive environments. Proper care and maintenance are important to extend the serviceable life of all TUUCI products. We recommend the following:

• Fresh water rinses once a week
•Weekly inspection of your TUUCI product is recommended. Loose screws should be tightened and any broken components replaced immediately to avoid further damage to your product.
• Prior to opening, ensure that the shade product is properly secured to an adequate shade anchor system.
• When opening a TUUCI parasol, separate each rib 10 inches from the center post, before raising the hub. Do not force hub if it does not rise easily.
• When closing the parasol, pull the fabric out from between the struts to avoid pinching or damaging the TUFF-SKIN canopy membrane.
• TUUCI recommends that all collapsible shade equipment be closed in wind conditions which exceed 25 MPH.
• Clean above ground parasol bases regularly to maintain appearance. To clean, gently wash with soap and water using a nonabrasive cloth or pad.
• Check bolts in security stem regularly to ensure that they remain fully tightened.
• Do not roll Aluma-crete (Aluminum Shell, Concrete Filled) bases on their side as damage to shell or finish can occur.
• Do not use on stairways or over distances which exceed 50 feet, as damage to welded wheel tray may occur.
• Canopy should be cleaned regularly and can be cleaned without being removed from the frame. Hose down and clean with a mild soap and lukewarm water (no more than 100° F.) using a soft bristle brush. Rinse thoroughly to remove soap. Allow fabric to air dry. TUUCI Parts can be purchased at
• Do not use a pressure washer to clean canopies.

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